Turning plastic bottles into opportunity.

Plastic bottles have harmful effects on beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. The following are just a few of the negative ways in which plastic bottles can negatively impact the environment and economy of Ghana:

  • Endangerment of marine life ingesting pollutants from plastic bottles
    • Contaminated fish with higher levels of toxins that we consume, leading to numerous health problems
    • Dangerous chemicals spread throughout oceans and surrounding environment
    • Death of animals, such as sea turtles and birds
  • Negative economic growth and potential funds foregone
    • Decrease in tourism and business associated with beaches and the Atlantic Ocean
    • Goods made from recycled bottles never created, funds never generated

Our solution to combat these negative effects is to collect and recycle plastic bottles that have accumulated as plastic waste on beaches and in the Atlantic Ocean. By removing plastic bottles, we will reduce the release of harmful toxins into the environment. Plastic bottles can be sold to local companies as recyclable material. Proceeds can then be provided directly to Ghanaians who assist in the beach clean-ups.

Please consider donating a tax-deductible gift to Coastwatch Ghana to help us accomplish our mission.